[ENG] Sharing Transformation Stories – 7th ABSL Conference

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4 lipca 2016
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[ENG] Sharing Transformation Stories – 7th ABSL Conference

The political and technological turmoils that are affecting the world, e.g. Brexit and the European Union, the arising of new business models, the upcoming United States presidential elections, and the pressures of automation replacing human input, set the wheels in motion for absorbing topics presented and discussed at the 7th ABSL Conference held last week.

Considered the most anticipated Business Service sector event created by the biggest global brands, the ABSL Conference took a deep look into the current trends in macroeconomics, business, politics and technology in Poland, the CEE region and the world.

Katowice, as one of the fastest developing cities in Poland was the host location for the conference. At the panel: ‘Battle of the Cities: Best strategy for investment appetite in the regions’ the Mayor of the host city, Marcin Krupa, declared:

“It is not only Katowice city, it is the whole agglomeration that has a huge human potential and a vision for change”.

Mayor Krupa explained that Katowice is in the midst of one of the biggest agglomerations in Central and Eastern Europe, a location with an industrial heritage that contains talented and skillful workforce able to contribute to the modern Business Service sector.

absl2-155At the opening speech of the conference, the President of ABSL, Jacek Levernes, affirmed that today, ABSL and Poland are top global brands; adding that the current moment of seemingly uncertainty conveys an increase in the need for efficiency, value, new solutions and overall, leadership.

We are in a position that demands the sector to show leadership and the way forward. We have proved it before and we can prove it again. Lets take it to the next level”, said Levernes.

Indeed, taking it to the next level was the goal achieved by the ABSL Conference. Key-note speakers delivered insightful presentations, among them: Condoleezza Rice, United States former Secretary of State; Mateusz Morawiecki, Deputy Prime Minister of Poland and Minister of Development; and Aruna Jayanthi, CEO of Capgemini Business Services.

During a Q&A session at the conference, Minister Mateusz Morawiecki indicated that, from his incumbent position, he wants all international business to be satisfied with the terms and regulations; and business environment in Poland.

They [foreign investors] should be looking at Poland for placing their headquarters. The more companies come, the better”, said the minister of state.

Further, Morawiecki explained that for his government it is crucial to transform the education system in order to enhance the latent strengths of the polish workforce.

We have unique skills in understanding processes and Information Technology. Business success is based in how we delight our customers, in how much we will use our brain and our heart to serve customers, and I believe we have a big heart here in Poland”, concluded Morawiecki.

absl2-163For her part, Aruna Jayanthi, CEO of Capgemini Business Services, assured that Capgemini is committed to grow in Poland thanks to the added value the polish workforce delivers.

Today, services are not all about outsourcing, instead, the goal is the added value to the business. Poland is very attractive from a global point of view because of the talents and diverse languages used”, said Jayanthi.

For Wojciech Popławski, Managing Director of Accenture Operations and a Vice-president of ABSL, Poland is unique on the market thanks to how well its business ecosystem works.

There should be no doubt that the business service sector is the most credible employer”, asserted Popławski.

Jolanta Jaworska, Government Programs Director for IBM Poland & Baltics and a Vice-president of ABSL, explained that by creating ABSL, the goal was to draw investors to Poland. Meanwhile, Marek Grodziński, Head of the European Business Services Delivery Centers at Capgemini and also a Vice-president of ABSL, sees a latent necessity to find and train people to work in virtual service centers.

absl2-118During the two-day event, in-depth presentations by CEO’s and top managers from global brands were set forth around subjects such as Investors view on Polish competitive advantages; Operating in a digital world; New business models for new customers; Innovation as a value driver in business services; and many more. The diverse panels analyzed the current situation, changes, and improvements ahead for the modern Business Service organizations.

Curiosity and openness are key factors to remain as thought leaders”, posited Paul Jacquin, Managing Partner at Randstad Innovation Fund; and that was indeed the spirit of much of the messages delivered by the speakers. All around, an eagerness to share experiences about transformation and challenges set the tone of the conference, an event that yearly places the cornerstones for transforming and changing a world in constant flux.


Dorian Zapata Rioja, PR Manager