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15 lipca 2017
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29 lipca 2017

The Old World Disrupted

The world is facing changes. The old world as we know is taking a significant turn into directions of new technologies, new political leaders and new work ethic. This has inspired us to create a claim for 8th ABSL Conference: The Old World Disrupted.


A transformation is happening in politics, economy, and society. For many, it may be frightening. We, as business leaders, can’t give in. Business services sector, which hires over 200,000 employees in Poland, has a power to influence the change and drive it in the direction of prosperity and growth. We have to make change inspiring. And this is why this year’s ABSL Conference will be focused on disruptions.


ABSL Conference is changing, too. In addition to debates and workshops, we are introducing a new concept in this year’s edition of the Conference, with which we will start the whole event: ABSL Talks. Based on the idea of TED, ABSL Talks aims to inspire young and ambitious people to leave their comfort zone and reach for success. We have invited influential speakers from different industries: culture, politics, science, entertainment. They will share stories of their careers and hopefully they will encourage our viewers to follow the path of innovation and creativity. We want young people to aspire for more, to open their minds for new ideas and to leave behind the fear of change.


We have invited top-level speakers — CXO-level managers, experts, politicians — who will share their perspectives on and the today’s world, the future of the business services sector and its ecosystem. We will start the Conference with analysis of global megatrends in the uncertain times provided by renowned experts. It will be followed by debates and discussions which are aiming to inspire sector’s stakeholders to embrace new business models and solutions. We will open a ring for heavy weight industry fighters, who will try to answer the question “To be or not to be … afraid of the robots?”  The highlight of the 1st day of Conference will be a speech of the Rt Hon David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (2010-2016). It will be interesting to hear his view on Brexit, won’t it?


During the 2nd day of the Conference we want to focus on practical topics, hence why we have divided the agenda into three themes: Future Business, Future Markets, Future Talent. Each stream includes presentations, workshops and discussions with world-class experts. By focusing on current trends and predicting the future ones, we want to have a real impact on the development of business and technology. We want companies to be ready for groundbreaking inventions and to keep up with expectations of new generation of employees. The world has never been changing at such a fast pace and ABSL intends to make the most out of it by giving companies access to knowledge, networks and experience.


Changes and innovation are not only born in global corporations, but also in small startups, which often have exceptional ideas, but not enough resources to bring them to life. This is why we came up with Start-up Challenge – a way to create symbiotic relationships between start-ups and global players. This year we have a pleasure to host this event for the 2nd time. We hope that winners will benefit from this cooperation in the best way possible.


We are confident that business services sector may truly benefit from the transformation we are experiencing now. We don’t see it as an obstacle, but as a chance for Poland and the whole CEE region to strengthen the position of economic development leaders. We won’t be able to do this without sharing the knowledge and experience all of us has gathered throughout the years. This is why we highly encourage modern business services professionals to join 1000 guests and 100 speakers on the most anticipated business services sector conference in Łódź on 12th-14th June 2017. We hope to see you there.

Marek Grodziński
Marek Grodziński
Dyrektor Europejskiej Sieci Centrów Business Services Capgemini, Wiceprezes ABSL.